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Etsy Seller : Karma711

What are your interests?
I really enjoy a lot of things. Mostly though I enjoy laughing, making jewelry, watching the Red Sox, playing with my new Wii, and laying at the beach. I also love history, especially ancient history.

How did you find out about Etsy?

One of my sorority sisters told me about it when I told her I was starting my own business after graduation in 2007. Her friend told her about it and she thought it would be a great place for me to show my work. She was right!

Please describe your creative process.
Well, I don't know if it's orthodox...but I take my macbook out to my workspace and pop in one of the arrested development, seinfeld, 30 rock, or favorite movie in and let the background keep me focused. I think I have learned or conditioned myself to really need background noise to block it out to focus. I love playing with the semi-precious stones I have and creating new combinations as well as appreciating where they came from (the archaeologist in me! put that degree to use..wink wink). I just really enjoy using my hands to get things accomplished.

How do you promote your work?
I use the internet mostly. I have pages on etsy, blogspot, facebook, myspace, bigcartel, dawanda, and more! I try to keep up with all them at least on a weekly basis - mostly on a daily basis. I also have local shows, travel shows, fairs, and have some pieces on consignment at a local gallery. I also have a large email list with family and friends that I keep in the loop. I have a TON of business cards as well as my artist information cards. My sorority, friends, and family have really done a lot to help people remember I am here :) I am very thankful for everyone's help.

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
Tough choices here... I find stores I love every day. But there are a few that are my top favorites:

themachinestops.etsy.com - wonderful dresses that are super super cute nonesuchgarden.etsy.com - I asked her to make a custom Bull Terrier for my sister and I can't express how pleased I was to see the finished product. She has a gift.
yumiyumi.etsy.com - I bought an owl print from her that I cannot wait to put up once I get my own apartment. I love her technique and style.
DrikaB.etsy.com - she makes FABULOUS bags that are practical and attractive. She made a custom bag for me that fits my macbook perfectly as well as everything else I need.
minicoops.etsy.com - I found her shop the other week and fell in love with her little mini dresses... who could resist these!


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Etsy Seller : Yarncoture

Tell us a bit about Yourself
I am married and a stay at home mother of five children who homeschools!
What are your interests?

My interestes include crocheting, knitting, gardening, sewing and barbequeing!

How did you found out about Etsy?
Actually I found out about Etsy when I was trying to sell my blankets on another board. I was told that I couldn't sell my blankets because they were handmade and I couldn't sell anything there that was handmade. A very nice woman on that particular bulletin board told me about Etsy and the rest is history!

Please Describe Your Creative Process
Many times in the creative process there is not a specific pattern involved especially when I am trying to create something that us unusual. Even with a pattern, I find myself altering it or using color and texture combinations that you wouldn't ordinarily see. For me it usually is an empowering experience!
How do you promote your works?
Much of my work is promoted by word of mouth. I started making blankets and giving them away at large family gatherings/parties so that everyone could see my work. I still promote that way, but just recently obtained a flickr portfolio and started promoting within Etsy whenever I can. I also send links to my etsy store to people who I know have a lot of contacts, i.e. e-mail master lists. I simply ask them to send a message to their lists.

Would you please tell us about 5 Etsy Stores that you most like

Although I have many favorites, here's 5 Etsy stores I like:

UniquelyEwe http://www/.UniquelyEwe.etsy.com
CaliforniaCreations http://www/.CaliforniaCreations.etsy.com
Londonwoodworks http://www/.londonwoodworks.etsy.com
Recycledideas http://www/.recycledideas.etsy.com
Heidi'sherbals http://www/.HeidisHerbals.etsy.com

Etsy Seller : Acornbeach

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a 31 year old, married Florida native who has recently been transplanted to Boston. Before settling down as a Jewelry Designer slash Research Attorney (that's my day job), I attended college in Atlanta, lived on sailboat in Greece, and then wound up in law school. Also I finally learned how to ride a bicycle last year – it wasn't pretty, lots of flailing about and cursing – but I did it. Whoo-hoo!
What are your interests?
I adore spending time at the beach, any beach, but especially the Gulf of Mexico's laid back shore. Travel is very important to me and I am happy to say I have visited several countries, most recently Japan. I also enjoy reading, interior design and architecture. I am trying to talk myself into liking jogging, but it's not going so well.
How did you find out about Etsy?
I read about etsy on a blog titled http://www.dooce.com/ – from then on I was 100% hooked. Well, hooked as a voyeur. It took a few weeks before I had to time (and, okay, courage) to join up and start selling my wares.

Please describe your creative process
My inspiration always comes from nature and it only takes a little something, whether the shape of a shell, or the color of the water, to send me running to my sketch pad. Once I rough out a few ideas for new pieces I will list the components that I need, check my supplies, and place an order with my vendors. Sometimes I use repurposed or vintage materials – but 99% of the time my pieces are compromised of brand new supplies. I enjoy working with sterling silver, gemstones and shells. Each item is handmade in my smoke-free home studio/office. There are times where I will make exactly what I had planned and other instances where the design morphs during assembly – it is not unusual for me to rework a piece several times before I think it is "good enough" for sale. Most often I only create one or two of each piece, which helps my little brain stay fresh. However I have made custom orders wherein I'll produce several of one design for a particular client. Once an item has been purchased, I carefully gift wrap the jewelry and mail it out in a padded mailer with – of course – a handwritten thank you note.

How do you promote your work?
Within etsy I list new pieces frequently, relist older items at least once a week, and actively participate in the forums. Outside of etsy I sell my work to a (wonderful!) store in St. Petersburg Florida, Paper Presence, and plan on approaching more shops here in Boston. I have also posted my work on cs.artjewelrymag.com, and been featured on solsisters.blogspot.com at solsisters.blogspot.com/2008/07/monkey-love.html.

Would you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
(1) Annie's Powder Room at http://www.www.anniepoo.etsy.com , a beautiful shop with precious animal-shaped soaps.
(2) Small Impressions Paintings at http://www.smallimpressions.etsy.com , a "gotta have it" kind of shop that sells affordable, lovely landscapes
(3) Lucky Kaaeru Fabric at http://www.luckykaerufabric.etsy.com a funky shop that makes me wish I could sew
(4) LaWoodstock at http://www.LaWood.etsy.com , an adorable shop that sells adorable crochet frogs that I want to buy and sit all over my desk
(5) http://www.lululalaland.etsy.com , a top-selling jewelry supply shop with amazingly low prices

Etsy Seller : Splashesofcolor

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a mom of 5 and a military wife. Have one girl and 4 boys. My 7yr old son Jacob passed last year. He lived at a place called Holy Angels for medically fragil children. I now donate a percentage of my sales to the. http://www.holyangelsnc.com/

What are your interests?
Searching for new craft ideas. Love watching old movies and reading VC Andrew series

How did I find out about Etsy:
A lady I was thinking of buying a purse from told me about Etsy

How do you promote your work?
I promote my work by blogging, using project wonderful, word of mouth, free online advertising sites

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
Some shops I love here

http://www.windrose.etsy.com/ She sells the best mernio wool for needle felting
http://www.youllbeehooked.etsy.com/ has the greatest face scrubbies
http://www.zephi.etsy.com/ is one of the coolest artist on etsy, her drawings
http://www.rockbeckynot.com/ makes wondeful doggie necklaces
http://www.debyo.etsy.com/ can supply all your products to make the best jewelry