Etsy Seller : Yarncoture

Tell us a bit about Yourself
I am married and a stay at home mother of five children who homeschools!
What are your interests?

My interestes include crocheting, knitting, gardening, sewing and barbequeing!

How did you found out about Etsy?
Actually I found out about Etsy when I was trying to sell my blankets on another board. I was told that I couldn't sell my blankets because they were handmade and I couldn't sell anything there that was handmade. A very nice woman on that particular bulletin board told me about Etsy and the rest is history!

Please Describe Your Creative Process
Many times in the creative process there is not a specific pattern involved especially when I am trying to create something that us unusual. Even with a pattern, I find myself altering it or using color and texture combinations that you wouldn't ordinarily see. For me it usually is an empowering experience!
How do you promote your works?
Much of my work is promoted by word of mouth. I started making blankets and giving them away at large family gatherings/parties so that everyone could see my work. I still promote that way, but just recently obtained a flickr portfolio and started promoting within Etsy whenever I can. I also send links to my etsy store to people who I know have a lot of contacts, i.e. e-mail master lists. I simply ask them to send a message to their lists.

Would you please tell us about 5 Etsy Stores that you most like

Although I have many favorites, here's 5 Etsy stores I like:

UniquelyEwe http://www/
CaliforniaCreations http://www/
Londonwoodworks http://www/
Recycledideas http://www/
Heidi'sherbals http://www/


YarnCoture said…
Wow! Thanks Nakpunar for including me in your blog! I feel like a celebrity!

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