Pincushions and Sharpening Needles
For sewing and needlework enthusiasts, pincushions are essential to keep pins in one place. But if you have an Emery Pincushion there is another use for this specific pincushion:  Keep your sewing, quilting pins, and needles as well as your brooches and hijab pins, totally clean, sharp, and rust-free.

What is emery sand?
Emery is a natural rock with aluminum oxide or corundum composition, grounded into a sand-like texture and used as an abrasive material for industrial and home purposes; found on nail filers and sandpaper. The smaller the granules of the emery, the better it is in smoothening, cleaning, and sharpening pins and needles.

Emery sand has been used for generations as an abrasive and pins and needles sharpener. Grandmother’s little strawberry attached to the tomato cushion is filled with emery sand, and you’d have seen Grandmother stabbing the little strawberry. Little did you know then that she was cleaning and sharpening her needle or pin.

Grit: There are a lot of grit sizes for Emery. At Nakpunar, we choose the best grit size, so when you use your pincushions, the emery won't leak from the holes and still sharpen your pin and needles.

Weight: Emery sand is weighty. 1 cup full of emery sand is precisely 1 lb. You can use your emery pincushion easily as a weight when you trace your patterns,

How do you sharpen a sewing needle with an emery pincushion? 
Keep your needles and pins on the pincushion will keep your needles clean, but to sharpen them, you have to pull out and push in a few times.

How to make the emery-filled cushion?
You can get ready to use Emery-filled pincushions from our online store or get loose emery sand to make your own pincushion.  At Nakpunar, we guarantee the emery sand's purity because of the purer material, the better it is for cleaning and sharpening, and the safer.
For sewing enthusiasts who like to personalize their pincushions and give them as gifts to friends, here are a few pointers for making an emery pincushion.

  • Depending on the purpose, to sharpen, clean, and smoothen, it is best to design a pincushion that lets needles and pins pass through the emery-filled pincushion. 
  • Since Emery is very heavy, choose a pattern that is narrow enough and high.
  • An inner cloth liner will prevent the sand from leaking from the pincushion. Always double-line your emery pincushions to avoid leakages.
  • Keep the cushion compact. The more compact and tight the cushion the better as an abrasive. For a 2-inch by 3-inch cushion, you’ll need about ¼ cup or 4 ounces of emery sand.
  • The exact heaviness of the emery pincushion keeps it sturdy and in place, prevents it from losing the needles and rolling all over the place, stepped on or sat on.
  • All natural and pure emery is the optimal choice with pincushions.


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