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March Giveaway "iKnitQuiltSew" - March Giveaway Candidate 5

15 Etsy Store Owners. Who got more comments will win a Kiwi Emery Pincushion from me. Here is the Fourth Candidate Sandi AKA I Knit Quilt Sew.

Thanks for giving me an outlet for my passion. Every time I would give a quilt/blanket/booties/bear, etc., the recipient would comment, "Oh, you should sell these!" After nearly forty years of hearing this, I'm finally taking that plunge!

I truly love what I do... whether it's knitting that perfect pair of booties or hand-quilting my latest creation, it's a labor of love. Though I'm creating a commercial environment for my work, I don't want to lose that passion. For this reason, you won't find hundreds of items in my store. Each and every item will be made with care and great attention to the details.

My grandmother taught me to knit and sew before color TV was invented! Most of my knitting comes from her patterns which she claimed were her mothers - which would date them in the late 1800s! This is what gives my knitting its old-fashioned, classic style.

I am a self-taught quilter, though. I learned that from a book years ago. But primarily, I'm an artist. My medium is fabric and yarn!

1.Where do you sew?

I have my own room in our home which is full of my “stuff!”  It has a comfortable chair, my quilt frame which converts to a work table, a nifty sewing cabinet, a large closet and wonderful natural light (the room faces east).  My quilt frame is right under that window!

2.How do you organize your materials? Is there any tip that you would like to share with us?
Sometimes, I don’t need much of something to add just the right accent to a quilt or a doll, so I save virtually everything!  I had a three-shelf rolling rack which over time was full to literally over-flowing with every fabric I owned in no particular order.  Of course, what I was looking for at any given moment was ALWAYS on the very bottom.

To get organized, I purchased inexpensive cardboard storage units, each with four drawers, from Wal-Mart.  If memory serves, they were about $8 each.  (They are still available in the ‘organize your closet’ section.)  Because they are cardboard, I was able to write on the face of each drawer so that I know what’s inside.  The four units fit perfectly in the end of the closet in my room.  When I need something, I just pull out the whole drawer and set it on the table!  Of course, what I want is STILL on the bottom!

3.How do you prepare to sewing/quilting?
I tend to see the world through ‘quilt’ eyes.  I’ll see a beautiful meadow, or a cool painting, a photo on a website or in a magazine and my brain responds, “Ooohhh! That would be a beautiful quilt!”

Once the mental image of the finished quilt exists, I draw a rough pencil sketch of what the quilt will look like and how it will be formatted.  My drawings are really horrible, BUT they do serve to give me a rough layout of what I am about to do.  What feature is going to be in the foreground/background?  What contours are involved? Etc.  If I am going to attempt to quilt something I’ve never done before, I work harder on the drawing.  I have learned that if I can draw it, I can quilt it!

This drawing became this quilt.

This quilt is in my shop, is entitled, “Welcome Home,” and can be seen here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=43176606

Here is the drawing for the quilt I am working on now.

Then it’s time to decide on colors/textures and make sure I have everything I need including the back of the quilt.  I buy batting by the bolt, but I purchase some material for each project as needed.

4.Do you sew after getting the order or forehead?

All of the items for sale in my shop exist.  The pictures on each listing are of the exact/actual item the customer receives. 

5.Where/How do you keep your items after you finish them?

All finished items are stored in the same closet with my fabrics and other supplies, with larger items on top of my fabric drawers and smaller items on a small shelf I hung on the back wall of the closet.  Here’s a photo:

I wrap each item in clear cellophane and tie it closed with a complimentary colored piece of ribbon.  This protects them from airborne dust, etc., as I live in a rural area.  All of my items (with the exception of dolls and bears) are washed when I finish them for this reason.  If they’ve been completed a while (a month or more) before they are sold, I will wash them again just before they ship.

6.How do you pack your items and how do you send them?

Each item is wrapped in clear cellophane, tied with a piece of ribbon.  All of my items are tagged.  Many of my items also have a sewn-in permanent tag as required.

For a single small item, I ship first class mail in a padded envelope with Delivery Confirmation.  Multiple items always go in a box.  I will ship Priority Mail at the customer’s request, and sometimes just because I want to give a customer purchasing more than one thing an ‘upgrade’ as a way of thanking them.

7.Your favorite 5 supply stores.

My absolute favorite is Jo-Ann, even though it’s a 100 mile drive for me to get to a store!  When I go, I always have a long list!  Robert’s Crafts is great for high-end yarn.  There is a store where I live called, “Granny’s Quilts,” which has high-end quilting fabrics and hand-quilting threads in any color I can imagine.  I have purchased fabric from Jo-Ann online, but it is always more of something I already own.  I sometimes purchase fabric from Wal-Mart’s yardage aisle, but not too often.

Tutorial : How to make Salt Play Dough by my Son

I have very creative son who just turn 10. We made a blog last year for him with Naruto theme. He put Naruto pictures, songs. Well, this year he is interested with Harry Potter. He made a Harry Potter Glasses with duck tape, he cut and polish a tree branch, painted it and made a wand.

The important thing is he start to organize his blog.
BE CAREFUL: He added some music and when you open it , they start to play with high volume.

Here is one of his tutorial How to make play dough with salt. It's great tutorial because anybody can make it very easily and it won't dry very long time. Enjoy!

My Decorated Strawbery Pin was Feautured at Crafty Dream

My decorated Strawberry Pin was Featured by Earrings Nation  in her lovely blog Crafty Dream .

Thank you very much!

1. Red Twill Screenprinting Halfbag by Totertot

2. Heart brooche by broochefrommaris

3. Red Ruffle Crochet Scarf by nevita

4. Strawberry Straight Pin for Decorating Pincushions with Felt Needlebook by NAKPUNAR (It's me!)

Please Vote for me - Entry #14 by NAKPUNAR

My Rose Emery Pincushion is in the voting right now in Etsy Crafting In Color Street Team's blog. If you like this pincushion please could you give me your vote ? Of course you can vote another candidate too :)
Entry #14 by NAKPUNAR

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March Giveaway "JujaCrafts" - March Giveaway Candidate 4

15 Etsy Store Owners. Who got more comments will win a Kiwi Emery Pincushion from me. Here is the Third Candidate Jurathe AKA Juja Crafts

All my life I was interested in various crafts. Since I was a little girl I liked to knit, to sew clothes for my dolls, make my own purses and lots of many cute little things.

After graduation I was working as sales manager in clothing company. My schedule was very tight and had no time for crafts.

When I moved out to US I’ve got more spare time and I started crafting again. First of all I’ve got interested in wool felting and started to design jewelry, flower brooches and other accessories. I was participating in craft shows and fairs, writing articles in local newspapers. Later I learned to work with polymer clay, decoupage technique and etc.

Currently I’m fully into fabric flowers. Mostly I make flower appliqués, but also I create brooches, hair accessories, jewelry and flowers for home décor.

1.Where do you sew?
Currently I have my work table in the corner of our living room. But I hope and dream that one day I’ll have my own spacious studio-office.

2.How do you organize your materials? Is there any tip that you would like to share with us?
I keep my fabrics and ready made products in separate room, which is our walk- in closet too :). Most often used fabrics are hooked on hangers and bigger pieces I keep in bolts.

3.How do you prepare to sewing/quilting?
Most of my ideas for future projects are born in fabric stores, while looking at all the colors, textures and patterns. Some of my ideas come from a nature. I love flowers and I like to experiment and to recreate them with the fabrics.

The most important part of preparation is the idea itself and choosing correct fabrics and colors.

4.Do you sew after getting the order or forehead?
I always try to keep my stock full. But things happen and sometimes I have to make flowers after a sale was made.

5.Where/How do you keep your items after you finish them?
I keep flower appliqués in plastic zip bags, which are hanged on a hook tapes attached to the doors.

6.How do you pack your items and how do you send them?
My first priority in shipping is safety. I pack flower appliqués in small plastic zip bags, each style separately, to prevent moisture and I use sturdy packages to keep my items from physical damage during the shipping.

7.Your favorite 5 supply stores.
Fabric and beads- JoAnn, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby. Packing materials- Uline. And I always try to find something new, interesting and nice online and in local stores.