March Giveaway "JujaCrafts" - March Giveaway Candidate 4

15 Etsy Store Owners. Who got more comments will win a Kiwi Emery Pincushion from me. Here is the Third Candidate Jurathe AKA Juja Crafts

All my life I was interested in various crafts. Since I was a little girl I liked to knit, to sew clothes for my dolls, make my own purses and lots of many cute little things.

After graduation I was working as sales manager in clothing company. My schedule was very tight and had no time for crafts.

When I moved out to US I’ve got more spare time and I started crafting again. First of all I’ve got interested in wool felting and started to design jewelry, flower brooches and other accessories. I was participating in craft shows and fairs, writing articles in local newspapers. Later I learned to work with polymer clay, decoupage technique and etc.

Currently I’m fully into fabric flowers. Mostly I make flower appliqués, but also I create brooches, hair accessories, jewelry and flowers for home décor.

1.Where do you sew?
Currently I have my work table in the corner of our living room. But I hope and dream that one day I’ll have my own spacious studio-office.

2.How do you organize your materials? Is there any tip that you would like to share with us?
I keep my fabrics and ready made products in separate room, which is our walk- in closet too :). Most often used fabrics are hooked on hangers and bigger pieces I keep in bolts.

3.How do you prepare to sewing/quilting?
Most of my ideas for future projects are born in fabric stores, while looking at all the colors, textures and patterns. Some of my ideas come from a nature. I love flowers and I like to experiment and to recreate them with the fabrics.

The most important part of preparation is the idea itself and choosing correct fabrics and colors.

4.Do you sew after getting the order or forehead?
I always try to keep my stock full. But things happen and sometimes I have to make flowers after a sale was made.

5.Where/How do you keep your items after you finish them?
I keep flower appliqués in plastic zip bags, which are hanged on a hook tapes attached to the doors.

6.How do you pack your items and how do you send them?
My first priority in shipping is safety. I pack flower appliqués in small plastic zip bags, each style separately, to prevent moisture and I use sturdy packages to keep my items from physical damage during the shipping.

7.Your favorite 5 supply stores.
Fabric and beads- JoAnn, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby. Packing materials- Uline. And I always try to find something new, interesting and nice online and in local stores.


Anonymous said…
Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.
Sabina said…
Very nice article! Juja nice your works!
Ana Matusevic said…
I have some JujaCrafts flowers and they're amazing :) perfectly sewed and safly packed for shipping. Thank you for sharing your work secrets with us! :)
Anonymous said…
Great article! A lot of useful tips. I enjoyed reading it
Hi! I use JujaCrafts flowers on my Etsy items:
Aren't they great!? And she is great to work with!
CarzooCritters said…
These are so cute =) How fun!


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