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Customer Appreciation : Immortal Visions

Yesterday I got an -email from my customer ImmortalVisions. She send me picture of  a card that she used my Black Satin YoYo to decorate it. I like it very much and want to share.

She is very talented and her creations all gorgeous. Some of my friends ask me all the time " What is it yoyo's for?" I think this picture answers it alone...

About Melissa A.K.A.
Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ImmortalVisions

Immortal Visions The best way to get to know me is to "Like" Immortal Visions on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/immortalvisions I'm a nerdy girl with a new craft room who loves to make vampire-themed cards and other paper crafts! I'm a rabid scrapbooker, graphic designer and writer, currently submitting my first paranormal romance novel to publishers. Craft Therapy keeps me sane through the rejection letters. My designs run on the antique side because I believe I may have been a manuscript-copying monk locked in a library in some past life. :-) Not really, but you get the idea. I appreciate paper antiquity to the point of trying all sorts of techniques to recreate it. I've been known to set fire to a piece of parchment to achieve just the right look!If you have a theme in mind, please convo me and I'd be thrilled to work with you!...

Etsy Seller : Amanda1986

Tell us a bit about yourself
Well my name is Amanda Kivisaari and I am 22 years old born in raised in Michigan. I recently graduated from college in Texas with a degree in biomedical science and got wait listed for medical school. I got married a few months after graduation and my husband and I moved to California for his new job.

What are your interests?
Ah....I love to make things, obviously haha I love to read and I love school and miss it terribly. I'm in the process of re-applying to medical school so hopefully I will get in this time around! My passion is helping people which is why I love my current part time job as a tutor in reading for 8th graders.
How did you find out about Etsy?
Through a wedding website while I was looking for things for my own wedding. I bought my save the dates on etsy and my wedding programs....bridesmaids gift, wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses all on ETSY!!
Please describe your creative process
For me it starts with materials...the materials I work with inspire me to arrange them in such a way that may be a little outside the box...especially for the wedding world haha....My own wedding was vintage inspired so that is where I start...I try to buy things that remind me of the past or are actually vintage pieces and incorporate them into modern style wedding designs. I also get a lot of inspiration from the brides I work with from their style and wedding colors and that is usually where I get the bulk of my creativity.
How do you promote your work?
Through showcases on etsy and constantly renewing my items so they stay in the mix. I have tried myspace and craigslist to no success though:(

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
Of course ILoveYoYo, because of the affordable and beautiful creations that are made there that fit perfectly in my vintage style wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.
I love the etsy shop Damosel because the beautiful vintage millinery feathers that I have used for almost every bride one way or another. I can't find anything like them anywhere else!
Another favorite would have to be the etsy shop Silkfabric. The owner is so gracious with working with me and my bride's budgets and has absolutely beautiful fabrics and lots of options for colors.
A place that I absolutely find a necessity is the shop Plethora, where I purchase gift boxes from which are are pretty, affordable and perfect size to send my boutonnieres and brooches to customers in.
When I need to get beautiful pieces for a bride on a budget the etsy shop, Beadsupplies, is perfect!

Etsy Seller : Azhures Jewels

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Lets see, me...I have teal, blue and black hair. My life revolves around two things..making jewelry and trying to cram as much knowledge into my head as possible. I am a huge nerd and I am proud of it!

What are your interests?
My interests are, obviously art ^_^ gemstones, astronomy, history, mythology, nature, geology, and my pet fish

How did you find out about Etsy?
I was told about etsy from a friend. I first started selling my jewelry on ebay and had no luck, so he told me about etsy and it was love at first click!

Please describe your creative process.
My Creative process is hard to put into words..I stop seeing through my conscious mind and see things with my soul. That way I can capture emotions and ideas and form them into a swirl of color. Now past the deep philosophical process I mainly start with a thing that gives me inspiration, like mythology or nature and work from there.
How do you promote your work?
On the internet I promote by using my blog, loitering in the forums on etsy and other various sites, and I also use facebook. In the 'real' world I leave my business cards in various shops, on billboards, and i am walking advertisement. I don't go anywhere without my jewelry on!

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
My favorite 5 etsy stores are:

Etsy Seller : Wear My Colors

Tell us a bit about yourself.
We don't usually like to talk about us, we just think that others should have their own opinion about it. For a basic aproached, we're a portuguese couple. We've been friends for almost half of our lives and now we're in love ^^ Please don't laught.. We are just some pre-adult students. I, Jo, I'm almost 22 and I'm doing Psychology (starting a master on September) and Fábio is 23 and he's doing Occupational Therapy so.. nothing to do with arts.. I, Jo again (hello ^^), started with wearmycolors on 13rd February, last year and Fábio join me some months ago.. we're still adjusting the shop (that's why our shop on livejournal.com is still under construction) but.. we're happy with it. We do what we do because we like it, because we believe in diference and somehow, one day, we found perfection. Now we can do whatever we like with that.. We try to push ourselves into our criativity limits and making or having unique things is our goal. It's our mind free time. We just love to play around, laugh and have a good time enjoying life.What are your interests? That´s a hard question .. We can´t realy resume it on one or two things.. there's a whole world to explore and plenty of things to do and to love.

How did you find out about Etsy?
We were looking for places that could sell and expose our things worldwild..The shop on livejournal.com and the pub we were doing was not enought as a lot of people don't trust in a first look so.. we browse and found etsy ^^ Now the goal is having money to spend on a lot of things we've been flirting.. LOL

Please describe your creative process.

We really don't have a specific process.. How can we explain?!.. Somehow, somewhere in a particular time and local we have a mental picture of what we could do and.. we do it .. as iqual as we can to the thing we've imagined.. Most of the times we talk to each other about the new ideas and we do ask friends and family if they would were, buy as a gift or have in their houses.. It's all handmade, with a big amount of care and love. It's maybe strange but we don't have a specif place to do it.. we just need the material and our ideas..There are times where we make exactly what we had in mind and planned and other instances where the design morphs during assembly, for variable reasons. We make some unique items (that means that even if we wanted to, we can replicate them) and customized orders too. We´re opened to try on new ideas and, we totaly know that if we just change the color of the item, it seems totaly diferent and new. We take some pictures, listed on the sites, try to promote as much as we can and, when an item is purchased we mail it out, carefully, in a padded mailer with a thank you note. Oh.. another thing, if someone asks us, we do wrap it as a gift.

How do you promote your work?
We've been listing some items on etsy and we're putting up our livejournal.com page. We try to actively participate on forums, we browse some blogs, go around flickr.com, have a page on myspace.com, do some comments and ask aroud if we can be featured. We're opening a blog too, on September but.. that's still a surprise ^^ This month we've be featured on

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?

and.. a lot more...

Our places:

Etsy Seller : Karma711

What are your interests?
I really enjoy a lot of things. Mostly though I enjoy laughing, making jewelry, watching the Red Sox, playing with my new Wii, and laying at the beach. I also love history, especially ancient history.

How did you find out about Etsy?

One of my sorority sisters told me about it when I told her I was starting my own business after graduation in 2007. Her friend told her about it and she thought it would be a great place for me to show my work. She was right!

Please describe your creative process.
Well, I don't know if it's orthodox...but I take my macbook out to my workspace and pop in one of the arrested development, seinfeld, 30 rock, or favorite movie in and let the background keep me focused. I think I have learned or conditioned myself to really need background noise to block it out to focus. I love playing with the semi-precious stones I have and creating new combinations as well as appreciating where they came from (the archaeologist in me! put that degree to use..wink wink). I just really enjoy using my hands to get things accomplished.

How do you promote your work?
I use the internet mostly. I have pages on etsy, blogspot, facebook, myspace, bigcartel, dawanda, and more! I try to keep up with all them at least on a weekly basis - mostly on a daily basis. I also have local shows, travel shows, fairs, and have some pieces on consignment at a local gallery. I also have a large email list with family and friends that I keep in the loop. I have a TON of business cards as well as my artist information cards. My sorority, friends, and family have really done a lot to help people remember I am here :) I am very thankful for everyone's help.

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
Tough choices here... I find stores I love every day. But there are a few that are my top favorites:

themachinestops.etsy.com - wonderful dresses that are super super cute nonesuchgarden.etsy.com - I asked her to make a custom Bull Terrier for my sister and I can't express how pleased I was to see the finished product. She has a gift.
yumiyumi.etsy.com - I bought an owl print from her that I cannot wait to put up once I get my own apartment. I love her technique and style.
DrikaB.etsy.com - she makes FABULOUS bags that are practical and attractive. She made a custom bag for me that fits my macbook perfectly as well as everything else I need.
minicoops.etsy.com - I found her shop the other week and fell in love with her little mini dresses... who could resist these!