Favorite Sewing Room Accessories

1. Poppin Softie Grip Grass as Quilt Ruler Holder

What I like is silicon parts don't scratch the ruler and even a 24" ruler stays upright, without bending back.

2. Small Collapsible Trash Can

It comes with 2 hanging options. The first is the sticky hook. I use that in front of my sewing desk. Since there is no door it worked perfectly for me. The second option is a door hanger, which you can hang on a drawer, cabinet door. I have a drawer from my cutting table and it worked wonderfully for me.

What I like is it is expandible and I can swipe all scraps, thread with my hand and nothing fell down on the floor. It is leak proof. I even put a soda can and nothing leak. It is not too tall. When I sew even my chair is at the highest setting it didn't touch to my legs. 

3. Stair handrail as Tailor Clapper

You know Tailor clappers are great to keep seams crisps. But I feel they are so overpriced. I got wooden stair handrail pieces from Home Depot and get them cut to my preferred length. they are definitely much cheaper and affordable. I'll ask my husband the sand the sides and maybe give a curve to easy use.


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