Shopping Review : Antique Rose Design Ottoman Ring

I'd like to read reviews before I purchase an item. Here is my review for my latest purchase from Etsy.

Seller: Yeganeart

First of all I love love love this ring and I'm just purchasing the pendant too!

This ring has very unique design that I was looking for very long time ago. My grandmother had similar design earrings with diamonds and I was looking something close to use for daily. This ring is much more beautiful from the picture. It's very high but doesn't bother you to use it.


I used this ring when I put on sweater. It doesn't catch any thread. I can comb my hair with my finger without any problem (Don't laugh  please but I have this problem with another ring and it's annoying!)

I used it when I washing dishes. I even didn't need to remove it. (Like I told you it's high but doesn't bother)

It's 925 Karat Silver. Seller didn't write the karat so I was little confuse. Bronz part is the top. I believe it's designed this way so surface looking antique!

I thought zircon may be look cheap, but it's NOT! Even my friends didn't understand the stones are zircon!

Seller change the size for a little fee and it's better to done it, before you get your ring.

 Shipping is under normal price range, though shipping time take 2-3 weeks. Seller give you the tracking information. My ring came to USA in 2 days and after that wait at the NY Customs for 2 weeks. But it's worth to wait!

My Rating for this Seller is 10/10!

Definitely one of the best store to buy gorgeous Jewelery pieces under $50.00!

Shipping is from Turkey! You have to hurry to purchase if there is due date!


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