Stylehive Tutorial

I get a lot of question about Stylehive. I made small tutorial with pictures.

1. Go to
2. Create a membership at
3. After you open your account you'll see page. It's Stylehive's main Page
At top of the Page there is a menu.

Nakpunar : My user name
My Hive : My Account Page at Stylehive (You will manage everything over there)
Save Bookmark : You'll add items from here to Stylehive System

Let's click to "My Hive"

Here is the menu that we need to learn
Activity : You'll see your connections when start to hive an item and when get new friend.
Profile : You'll edit your information. When you update it you'll see them at the left side of this page.
Saves : Items that you like at favorite it (Hive It)
Wish List : You can make some folders like Jewelery, Home Decoration, For me etc. and organize your favorite savings.
Follows : Who you follow.
Communities : Stylehive Groups
Messages: Just messages you got directly

I'll explain them detailed later. Let's we jump to how we hive the favorite items from our team members :

Our Team Page :

But please just go to Team's Saved Items :

You have to click all the items that you see here and hive it each of them. I click the KIWI Pincushion

And that's it!


Thank you so much for your helpful explanations!!
claire said…
I've not heard of stylehive before, thanks for your great tutorial.

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