Customer Appreciation : Humanidad

Here is one of my customer's, Katiusca's beautiful hats decorated with my YoYo Appliques! They're so beautiful aren't they?

From the time I was 17, crocheting has been the catalyst for my creative evolution. Whether I'm baking vegan cookies or designing earings, planning an organic garden or a Moroccan inspired Quincenera, crocheting remains my core creative outlet.

A few years ago, I, Katiusca embarked on HumanidadShop. “Humanidad,” or humanity, represents the virtue of kindness. Humanidad signifies the helping hand of those who keep life positive and filled with peace. Each piece of crocheted apparel reflects the marks of those who have touched her life or sparked it with love and creativity.

As my dear friend puts it:

Katiusca has the restless soul of a poet (she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up!) and these are wearable odes to nature in which the night sings, and rubies take on the stars; where waves rush to embrace you and vineyards drip their ancient lovelorn blues, where our bold sun emerges as a red ember setting or a high-noon blaze of yellow, where the delicate sparrow lands on a plum tree or the indigo hummingbird flutters as she dips her delicate red neck into an orange goblet of nectar. Each Humanidad piece is an evocative tribute to the cycles of life, love, and nature.

Humanidad is part of Katiusca’s life work to help people of diverse backgrounds and in different needs. Recently, Humanidad contributed to Safe Horizons, a family shelter in NY.

Oh, and she is a very happy mommy of one amazing, dazzling, zany daughter, another happy, moving baby in utero, a very happy wife, and a happy(ish) part time lawyer working for underserved populations. She loves to make things using fibers, yarns and fabrics.

As Katiusca would say:

I crochet. I knit and sew.

I bake, plan, photograph, love, laugh and live.

Wear Your Spirit!





Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for featuring my work. Your yoyo's are the perfect item to add to any item to give them distinction and flair! Love them!

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