My YoYo Store is moved to

My YoYo Store is closed again by Etsy

I suprised to get a lot of phone calls from my friends about my Etsy Store :) Everybody check my stores? Himm I catch you! Hahaha actually it's not suprising because my Google Analythics show me I have a lot of traffic from Turkey.  The timing cannot be better though :) I had finished all my stocks and I have to concentrate for my son's middle school applications.

This tag problem shows how the websites are different from each other. Usually when you list an item system ask you first category and when you choose it it's take you the second level categories. Etsy is the only website is not working that way and have a lot of troubled sellers because of it.

My store had been close but still my customers can place their orders through my official web page . My appliques are much more cheaper because I don't pay any fee over there. Each month I give beautiful discounts! If you'd like to informed about coming promotions just send me an e-mail to !

Thanks for all your support!


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