Little Nostalgia : "Kahveci Guzeli" Wall Carpet

If you visit/live in Turkey around 1960-80 you'll remember wall carpets were the most popular decoration items for the wall. All girls have at least one in their belongings. My husband asked to me get one for him. He told me when he see it he remember his young years with full of happiness... Here is the Kahveci Guzel - Beautiful Coffee Maker

Here is another Famous Wall Carpet - "Kiz Kacirma"

I remember this carpet very much! My aunt has it. I was , I believe 4-5 years old and find this carpet sooo romantic :) Even know it's make me smile!

And here is "War" Wall Carpet

and "Peacocks"

I download this pictures from internet! I wish I can find and buy to myself. Hopefully at my next Turkey travel!


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