March Giveaway "JewelryKaleidoscope" - March Giveaway Candidate 3

15 Etsy Store Owners. Who got more comments will win a Kiwi Emery Pincushion from me. Here is the Third Candidate Laura AKA Jewelry Kaleidoscope.

I live in a small town in South Western MN, very peacefull here, I love the snow and the four seasons we have. I have been doing all kinds of crafts as long as I can remember, and love it.

1.Where do you sew?
I sew at home, I have a room that is just for my crafting, in it I have my sewing machine, a large table, all my crafting supplies, shipping supplies and my computer and printer.

2.How do you organize your materials? Is there any tip that you would like to share with us?
I have a large tote where I keep all my fabrics, a two drawer plastic tote with my holiday projects, a tote for my embroidery projects, a small tote for embroidery flosses, different containers for beads, thread, and varies items. It makes it alot easier to find what your looking for if everything has it's own place to be, saves time to be able to just go and get what your looking for.

3.How do you prepare to sewing/quilting?
When I am getting ready to start a new project I first have it in my head what it is I am going to do. Then if it's a blanket, I just go through my fabric and see which fabrics look good together, make sure I have the batting and enough fabric to make the back.

4.Do you sew after getting the order or forehead?
So far I only make items before getting orders.

5.Where/How do you keep your items after you finish them?
After I done with an item, I fold it up neatly and place it in a tote that is only for finished projects.

6.How do you pack your items and how do you send them?
For shipping I use flat rate boxes for blankets and bubble wrap mailers for most all other items, these I send out 1st class mail. And of course tape to make sure it will not come opened in the mail.

7.Your favorite 5 supply stores.
JoAnn Fabric ,  Goodwill Thrift Stores (for my vintage items), Micheals, Hobby Lobby


Anonymous said…
thank you for doing this! you did a great job

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