Nil a talented crafter!-

I was featured at I am attached all interview. Thank you very much Emma!!!

Nil a talented crafter!

• Tell me a bit about yourself

Hello. My name is Nilufer but like to use Nil. I am from Istanbul,Turkey but live in Brooklyn,NY for 4 years. I like crosstitches, Yo-Yo’s, Quilting, home decoration and find new ideas for my friends! I was working like Consultant for re-organization the companies. I worked at Gold , Steel, Car Filter and Textile Factories… So for understanding the company and write company manuals I worked at all departments and learn all the production procedures. It was really fun for me to learn a lot of thinks in short time

• What is the name of your Shop?

Actually I have two stores, nakpunar and iloveyoyo. At Nakpunar I sell emery sand, emery pincushions and craft supplies. At I Love Yoyo I sell my handmade Yo-Yo’s. I have nice projects but need more time.

• Please describe your creative process

I like to use scraps! I hate to throw them to garbage. When I have scrap first I’m looking what is the fabric size and kind. I use satin and crepe fabrics for my Ponytail Holders and Table Runners. Cotton’s for Yoyo Quilts. Really small cotton pieces for my Collectible Miniature Yo-Yo Doll Quilts. After I seperate them I am starting to work.

For emery sand I like to wholesale instead of making pincushions! It’s give me much more time for my Yo-Yo’s

• Where do your ideas come from?

I like to talk with my friends about our items.Usually I found new ideas when I talk with them! Example my best friend making dolls. When I see her dolls I think hey she need a quilt for her bed! And start to stitches Yo-Yo Doll Quilt Series.

• How did you get into your craft?

All my life I like to do something nice even I was a small kid. Turkey is very old country. There are thousands crafts. Our families teach some crafts like crocheting, sewing to young girls before get married. We like to create and save them.I still have my family chest that is around 300 years old and Basilisk Woman paint on, my Grandmom’s bridal towel that used real gold and silver threads for to make embroidery. So I cannot say I craft only 3-4 years.

• Apart from creating things, what do you do?

I like to go Manhattan, fishing,reading, see new places especially forests and waterfalls! and of course have nice times with my family.

• How do you promote your work?

I have Blog, I am writing at forums, have eBay,Amazon, eCrater store. Send advertisement to craiglist weekly.

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