Etsy Seller : Kitty Kat Kards

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Tina, 25 years old, female, from Maryland. I have always enjoyed doing origami and picked up this cardmaking hobby within the last year. I like making homemade cards because it's so much more personal than going to Hallmark and getting a card there.

What are your interests?:

Folding origami, making homemade cards. In my non-Etsy life, I love to run, read, swim, play Wii/Wii Fit. Anyone who knows me knows that I love food (Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc.) and naps.

How did you find out about Etsy?:

My friend told me about it when I showed her cards that I made and now I'm hooked. Please describe your creative process.: I dunno if there's really a process to my work. However, I do like my items to be colorful and look like time/love went into making them. My signature item on Etsy are my origami dresses, but I've been branching out into making origami troll cards and origami envelopes.

How do you promote your work?:

I put a few of my business cards in my shipped orders. I've been giving my cards away at work. I hang out here in the forums at lot! I hope to do a craft show or something of that nature in the future. I put my shop name on my cards, so that people who receive them can check out my website too.

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?:
It's very hard to come up with only 5! Here are some of my favorites... Hilarious Cards! Awesome Stamps She helped me a lot when I first started out here on Etsy

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