Light Box

If you remember I told at my first post I had big problem with my camera. My pictures were horrible. They're so flurry, so yellow. I couldn't see any detail. So today I check some forums and I find that for nice pictures photographers use light box.

You can improve your photographs with an light box. And I decide to built my light box. I found a few design at

But I don't have any place at my home. Then I find a solution. I bought laundry bag from 99 cents store. Their outside like web and there is metal around. You can fold it. And here is the difference


İz said…
selamlar.. Türkiyeden merhabalar..yaptıklarınız çok hoş elinize saglik. ben de kendimce takı tasarlıyorum benim blogum da burda.. light box da nezamandır araştırdığım bi türlü beceremediğim bişey.. sevgiler bol satışlar

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