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Restoring Vintage Pincushion Doll

This pincushion is my very first pincushion doll I gave a huge make over like 10 years ago. When they say one man's garbage other's treasury it's not a lie.

Restored Vintage Pincushion Doll by Nakpunar
When I got this lovely pincushion girl it was at very bad shape. First I spray it with Mrs. Meyer's countertop spray which is very mild but degrase easily then wash it carefully with dish detergant  and rinse it.
Restored Vintage Pincushion Doll by Nakpunar

After I air dried the figurine.  To make a new pincushion, first I sew an inner cover and filled with emery sand. It gives the figurine very nice weight. Then wrapped and sew with the coordinated reproduction fabric I choose from my collection. To decorate little more just added a lace trim and use navy color ribbon to make a bow at back.

Restored Vintage Pincushion Doll by Nakpunar
If you have such a doll we always can restore it for you! Feel free to send us an e-mail to sales@nakpunar.com

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