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I was at Etsy FP with KnockKnocking's Treasury! Thank you very much!

I was at Fp last night! and just find out. It's my second time and I'm very happy. Thank you very much KnockKnocking! It was really beautiful treasury!

Antique Egyptian and Rome Jewelerys at Penn Museum

Last summer we visit Penn Museum with my family. I am very interesting in Egypt History especially Paraoh's time. I found gorgeous jeweleries that showing over there and want to share some of them with you.

There is art everytime, everywhere in the world. Everybody put their life style, cultures to their art. When you see everyting at the same time , you understand one more time we are only a small part of this system.

Turkish Days in New York

Half Hour Kitchen Counter Make-up

My apartment kitchen counter was very old. There is ugly hole at middle of it. I talked with my apartment owner and they told me that they cannot change it when I mowed. So I covered it with sticky papers. This papers is very nice to work and change the my all kitchen air. I use same sticky papers for inside the cupboard and for my refrigerators outside. I used before stone pattern and wood pattern. But I believe stone pattern is the best for counter tops. I can use almost 6 months. After I am changing again. It's take only half hour. I definetly advice to you.

First I took out all the old stick paper, clean the counter again. Waiting for the surface get dry and cover with brand new sticky paper. My cost is $2.16. Isn't look great?

Yay! I am at the Gift Guide