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My New Business Cards from Moo

It was a while I got my business cards from Moo! Their qualities are unbelievable. I couldn't use them for all of my orders. Because when you sell supply your sale volume and costs are much more higher. So I'm going to use them for my web page sales http://www.nakpunar.com/ .

I usually make my business cards myself with Word program and printout to Cardstock. Do you wonder how? It will be in my next post :)

Victorian Emery Pincushion was @ Etsy FP!

March Giveaway : Kiwi Emery Pincushion

This month I want to try something new! This way I can help to your store seen and little get fun all together.

What we gonna do this so easy. I need 15 store owner who sew, quilt, needlecraft. I'll publish each of them interview with their all links. End of the month who's interview has more comment she will won one of my Beautiful Emery Pincushion.

You can leave comment here is to be participate or send me convo www.nakpunar.etsy.com

Good Luck All!