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5 Petal Flower Appliques

This picture doesn't show how beautiful these flowers are!
This item will be custom made just for you! So feel free to change size, color, beads etc!
The flowers on the picture made with high quality bridal satin fabric and decorated with glass pearl beads.
You'll get:
2 pcs Flowers, 4"
2pcs Flowers, 2"
12 pcs YoYo Appliques, 3/4"
$19.99 plus S&H
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Custome Made Wall Decorations from noempire

These beautiful wall plates made by Noempire from Etsy. Her works are amazing. She wrote my store names and and them with my color options. Now they decorate my sewing room's wall. I want to thank her again for her patience and beautiful work. It may be ggod even for the wedding decorations, invitations etc.

Here is her shop:
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Etsy Featured Artist: AnartIsland

I am so proud to introduce my friend Anke, she is a really talented Clay  Jewelry artist. We met through our team “TREASURE LOVER”. She has a lovely store AnartIsland is a wonderful shop full of jewellry, mixed media work and handcarved stamps.. Feel free to visit AnartIsland at http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnartIsland.

Also you can follow AnartIsland at :

Facebook Fan page: on.fb.me/hv9oP8
Blog: h2u6a2n6a4.blogspot.com/

AnartIsland is a proud member of the Etsy Treasure Lover Team !

Custom Order : Satin Appliques with Rhinestones for Wedding Decorations

Posted by Picasa2.3 " in diameter
$1.50 each
Great for Wedding Accessories, Decorations

My few customer use them to decorate flip-flops and gave them to their bridesmaid on wedding day when they're preparing for the wedding. They're look gorgeous together after pedicure with this beautiful elegant flip-flops...

Other customer put them in a basket and give them at wedding reception. They danced a lot and ladies so happy to find something comfortable instead of new, high heeled shoes!

Stylehive Tutorial

I get a lot of question about Stylehive. I made small tutorial with pictures.

1. Go to www.Stylehive.com
2. Create a membership at http://www.stylehive.com/register
3. After you open your account you'll see page. It's Stylehive's main Page www.Stylehive.com
At top of the Page there is a menu.

Nakpunar : My user name
My Hive : My Account Page at Stylehive (You will manage everything over there)
Save Bookmark : You'll add items from here to Stylehive System

Let's click to "My Hive" http://www.stylehive.com/myhive

Here is the menu that we need to learn
Activity : You'll see your connections when start to hive an item and when get new friend.
Profile : You'll edit your information. When you update it you'll see them at the left side of this page.
Saves : Items that you like at favorite it (Hive It)
Wish List : You can make some folders like Jewelery, Home Decoration, For me etc. and organize your favorite savings.
Follows : Who you follow.
Communities : Stylehive Groups
Messages: Just messages you got directly

I'll explain them detailed later. Let's we jump to how we hive the favorite items from our team members :

Our Team Page : http://www.stylehive.com/person/Isotladies

But please just go to Team's Saved Items : http://www.stylehive.com/person/IsotLadies/saves/recent/0

You have to click all the items that you see here and hive it each of them. I click the KIWI Pincushion

And that's it!