Abrasive Emery Pincushions and Loose Turkish Emery to Make your Emery Pincushions

The abrasive pincushion! This most basic of all sewing notions is a must-have for anyone who sews and you're so lucky you found us! We sell our handmade Emery Pincushions as well as loose Turkish Emery Sand so you can create your own emery pincushions! Please visit our shop
 You probably have one or two already, there are a hundred different styles and types. Some are crocheted, some made with felt, some filled with cotton or yarn, left over from other projects, perhaps, some of the them with polyester fiberfill. Whether you view them as an individual works of collectible art, a fun project to make and sell, or a necessary evil for all serious fabric crafters, seamstresses and quilters, just about everyone will agree, a pincushion (or three!) is a must-have.

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 You've probably seen that pincushion found in any store - the tomato with strawberry one. How did this come to be? A strawberry with a tomato? How very strange. Like many things in life, it's not what's on the outside that's important in this case. For years we've used the strawberry pincushion without realizing its very important function. I can tell you here, and now, as a matter of fact, this strawberry pincushion has emery grain inside. Emery is a very hard rock and mixed with other species of mineral, it becomes extremely abrasive.

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When you use this black mineral to fill your pincushion it becomes one of the best pincushions in all the world! Emery pincushion! Every time you stick your needle or pin into an emery pincushion, it cleans it of the natural oils in your fingers and any impurities in your cloth. It also sharpens the very tip of your needle, making your work quicker and easier on your hands. This pincushion has a lot of advantages! For example it's heavy. I hate to use lightweight pincushions! They jump around like a ball, turn upside down, needles fall out. Ever had a needle in the foot? I'm not saying you'll never drop a needle ever again, but if you put one in an emery pincushion, foot/needle accidents will certainly diminish in probability. It'll only be your own stupid fault, you won't be able to blame the pincushion. And another thing - this pincushion is very sturdy. It won't move around even on your sewing machine. 1 cup emery is 16 oz (1lb). For 2"x3" emery pincushion you need 1/4 cup emery pincushion. Of all of its qualities, the best thing is using it to keep your needles clean and sharp. If you sew silky fabric you can understand what I mean.

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A good abrasive mineral is not just hard, it's also tough and sharp. It also must be plentiful (or at least widespread) and pure. My emery grain is natural, milled to the finest grade and mixed with the just the right blend of complementary minerals for pincushion use.

I always recommend using an inner liner for your pincushion, so that if anything happens to your outer covering, the emery doesn't end up going everywhere. This is particularly important if you make and sell pincushions!

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