Etsy Seller : Azhures Jewels

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Lets see, me...I have teal, blue and black hair. My life revolves around two things..making jewelry and trying to cram as much knowledge into my head as possible. I am a huge nerd and I am proud of it!

What are your interests?
My interests are, obviously art ^_^ gemstones, astronomy, history, mythology, nature, geology, and my pet fish

How did you find out about Etsy?
I was told about etsy from a friend. I first started selling my jewelry on ebay and had no luck, so he told me about etsy and it was love at first click!

Please describe your creative process.
My Creative process is hard to put into words..I stop seeing through my conscious mind and see things with my soul. That way I can capture emotions and ideas and form them into a swirl of color. Now past the deep philosophical process I mainly start with a thing that gives me inspiration, like mythology or nature and work from there.
How do you promote your work?
On the internet I promote by using my blog, loitering in the forums on etsy and other various sites, and I also use facebook. In the 'real' world I leave my business cards in various shops, on billboards, and i am walking advertisement. I don't go anywhere without my jewelry on!

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?
My favorite 5 etsy stores are: