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Tell us a bit about yourself.
We don't usually like to talk about us, we just think that others should have their own opinion about it. For a basic aproached, we're a portuguese couple. We've been friends for almost half of our lives and now we're in love ^^ Please don't laught.. We are just some pre-adult students. I, Jo, I'm almost 22 and I'm doing Psychology (starting a master on September) and Fábio is 23 and he's doing Occupational Therapy so.. nothing to do with arts.. I, Jo again (hello ^^), started with wearmycolors on 13rd February, last year and Fábio join me some months ago.. we're still adjusting the shop (that's why our shop on is still under construction) but.. we're happy with it. We do what we do because we like it, because we believe in diference and somehow, one day, we found perfection. Now we can do whatever we like with that.. We try to push ourselves into our criativity limits and making or having unique things is our goal. It's our mind free time. We just love to play around, laugh and have a good time enjoying life.What are your interests? That´s a hard question .. We can´t realy resume it on one or two things.. there's a whole world to explore and plenty of things to do and to love.

How did you find out about Etsy?
We were looking for places that could sell and expose our things worldwild..The shop on and the pub we were doing was not enought as a lot of people don't trust in a first look so.. we browse and found etsy ^^ Now the goal is having money to spend on a lot of things we've been flirting.. LOL

Please describe your creative process.

We really don't have a specific process.. How can we explain?!.. Somehow, somewhere in a particular time and local we have a mental picture of what we could do and.. we do it .. as iqual as we can to the thing we've imagined.. Most of the times we talk to each other about the new ideas and we do ask friends and family if they would were, buy as a gift or have in their houses.. It's all handmade, with a big amount of care and love. It's maybe strange but we don't have a specif place to do it.. we just need the material and our ideas..There are times where we make exactly what we had in mind and planned and other instances where the design morphs during assembly, for variable reasons. We make some unique items (that means that even if we wanted to, we can replicate them) and customized orders too. We´re opened to try on new ideas and, we totaly know that if we just change the color of the item, it seems totaly diferent and new. We take some pictures, listed on the sites, try to promote as much as we can and, when an item is purchased we mail it out, carefully, in a padded mailer with a thank you note. Oh.. another thing, if someone asks us, we do wrap it as a gift.

How do you promote your work?
We've been listing some items on etsy and we're putting up our page. We try to actively participate on forums, we browse some blogs, go around, have a page on, do some comments and ask aroud if we can be featured. We're opening a blog too, on September but.. that's still a surprise ^^ This month we've be featured on

Could you please tell us about 5 etsy stores that you most like?

and.. a lot more...

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Emery Grain Wholesale - For Make Your Emery Pincushion

Did you heard Emery Mineral before ? Or do you have tomato pincushion come with cute little strawberry? This strawberry is not part of the decoration. It has Emery Mineral inside for keep your pins and needles clean and sharp. Emery Mineral is a very hard crushed rock, used to make abrasive powders and mixed with other species. It's very heavy. There are two kinds of Emery Grain at the market:Natural and synthetic . Natural Emery Minerals had been made from natural rocks and Synthetic emery grains produced in factory,not mined. Synthetic Emery Mineral's life much more short from natural one. Natural Emery Grain has sharp sides that help needles stay sharp.