Original Cuff Hem Jeans Tutorial

All the my jeans need hems. It's really big cost for me and doesn't like plain stitch on them. Especially if cuff has some tecture. So I start to hem my jeans at hand. It's really easy to do. You need only strong thread, needle, measurement, iron and of course your jeans.

First you have to find how many inches your pants to cut off. And divide this lenght to half. Don't forget jeans going to be shorter after e while. Also your shoes height is important too.

Cuff your jeans. I need to take off 2 inches so I measure to 1". Important think is don't add original hem to calculation.

I handstitch all along the original hem. You can do this with sewing machine too. Please stitch the cuffs one at a time. So if you not happy with the lenght you can fix it easily.

It's time to try your jeans. Wear your shoes and check how is jeans look like. If you like to lenght now we can start second leg.

Turn the legs right side out and iron it.

I like to stitch sides to each other inside the jeans. So when you wear your jeans cuff's not turn out.
And that's all. I hope you'll enjoy it!!!

Customer Appreciation-Wildbearies

Wildbearies use my Cream Satin Lining Yo-yo for decoration this beutiful lingerie bag. She also added a hand-dyed ribbon rose and a a vintage pin to it to make a beautiful closure for the bag.

You can see Wildbearies's Creations at:

Free Ads

I am newbie at Etsy Forums. I found really nice friends over there. They add my store banner with links to their blogs. Here is the blogs :D

It's my first time and very excited!!!



Next week I am going to add some of my customer's appreciation pictures who used my items like supplies. If you bought emery grain or Yoyo's please convo to me all your information with your pics.